Monday, November 01, 2010

In process -- October 2010

"The Rabbits". Short story. 10,000 words or thereabouts. September I finished the second draft. I want to get this on OWW, but it needs at least one more draft. Often people who read my stories say I've ended it at the point where it just starts to take off. I think I've just realized why -- it's because my main characters are often passive victims of whatever circumstances I've created. I can fix this, I think. At least in The Rabbits.

Karate Zombies. Still 61,792 words. I have now read the first 6 chapters. I’m rewriting the first chapter. This post is making me worry.

“Succubus”. Short story. 12,000 words. Page-a-day. First draft complete. While I was “researching”, I came across the Japanese Yuki-Onna, which pleased me greatly because of Catherynne M. Valente, whose writing I respect very much.

Troll. Around 1000 words of first draft, on hold for NaNoWriMo. Ed and I spend a lot of time in culverts when we’re out walking, because Toronto is a weird place. It seems relatively flat, but that’s because everything is a bridge over a river, or a rail line, or... well, I guess I need to finish the story.

Apophis. 1200 words, first draft complete. The monthly challenge from OWW was to write a story from the POV of a rock. I’d never done the monthly challenge before, but I had a scrap written in an email that could be easily moulded. And I often find that when I write something under duress (I.e., have to finish before nanowrimo; to the challenge’s specifications) I surprise myself. And contrary to what I regularly say, I don’t hate surprises. Well, not all the time.

I know Apophis isn’t actually going to hit the Earth anymore, but for the purposes of this narrative, let it go.

Pampelmouse. 2010 NaNoWriMo novel. I’ve written a one page, 30-chapter outline, not because the story needs to be 30 chapters long, but because November has 30 days in it, so if I write a chapter per day I can accomplish my goal. Because November doesn’t start with a weekend this year, I’m using this as my “page-a-day”, which will get me started every day.

Back and left front finished. Realized I’m going to have to re-knit the sleeves, so I packed it in a box. I don’t want to look at this sweater right now.
Anhinga. Back, left, and right front finished, center panel started.

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