Monday, October 04, 2010

In process -- Sept, 2010

"The Rabbits". Short story. This month I made it through the second draft. I want to get this on OWW, but it needs at least one more draft. It’s down from 14,000 to just over 10,000 words, so it would have to go up in two parts. I’d like to get rid of another 2500 words before I get it critted, but I’d still put it up in two parts... better for the critters, and I have plenty of points to use.

Karate Zombies. I have now read the first four chapters. I’m rewriting the first chapter. I would love to get this on OWW. I even did envelope calculations: I have 47 points right now. I have 24 chapters. If I put up one chapter at a time (2-3K words at a time, a good length for the ‘shop) at 4 points each, I’d have to do 49 more reviews. If I could put up one chapter per week, that would be such a great structure for me to work within.

The Water Leopard. 1st short story draft complete. Need to type it up. Don’t think it’s very good.

“Succubus”. Short story. This became my page-a-day when the water leopard short was done. 30 pages or so done, maybe 5000 words, maybe half complete.

Morrigan. Shudder. I’m about five inches above the armholes on the back, so the end is in sight, I guess. Went shopping for inspirational leather jackets as motivation, but it didn’t help. I am so burnd out on this sweater.
Gift Socks. Finished.
Kingdom Gloves. Finished.
Anhinga. Back started.

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