Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just like the other oboists do

This is sure to become a scene when I finally get around to writing my Christopher Guest-style sendup of a community band.

Last night after I arrived at band practice, one of the other members sought me out in the washroom to ask me if it was okay if another member (who currently plays bass) plays second oboe. She's playing oboe in "the other band", and having so much fun, she just doesn't want to play bass any more. Did they think I was going to lock myself in a stall and have a crying jag at the prospect?

I said yeah, she was fine, it would be fine. I am secure in my first oboe-ness.

But then the conductor came up to me (in the actual band room) to ask if it was really okay. And I said yeah, it would be good to have someone else playing oboe, for those times when for some reason I can't make it to a concert, and I have guilt, and I'm on vacation in Maine, sitting there thinking to myself that if I was home right now, I'd be at some mall, playing a concert, and they need me and I'm letting them down.

But apparently that was crazy talk, and they didn't. But whatever. So I asked if they really think I'm that thin-skinned, and the conductor said no, he's had bad experiences with other oboe players saying it was okay, then quitting when the other oboist showed up.

And I do profess to be the highlander oboist (there can be only one). But maybe not. Maybe there should be two.

Actually, this particular musician sometimes says to the conductor things like "I think my note is wrong on this minor ninth..." which is just something I would never pick out because I'm just not that good, so maybe I should be intimidated.

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