Monday, August 02, 2010

In process -- July 2010

Manners. I wrote "Done" on this sucker on July 5. I'm so glad it's over. Don't know why I kept going on it.

"TheBogWitch". Fifth draft included changes from the two crits I got on OWW. Needs at least one more draft.

Karate Zombies. Brainstormed to define the zombieism disease. I have some outstanding questions: How did patient zero become infected? Climax -- time and logistics?

"The Bezoar". Seemingly abandoned, though I'm still carrying a draft around. Strange, because I think it's not that bad of a story. It might have made it up on OWW if my USB key hadn't stopped working on my desktop computer at work (I'm pretty sure it's the computer, not the key, because my iPod doesn't sync properly either).

"The Rabbits". Short story that needs a better title. Started writing this as my page-a-day on July 6. It's nice to have a page-a-day that I'm actually enthusiastic about. I musst have been at one point able to write more than one page at a stretch in "Manners", but if so, I sure don't remember it. I was able to make the boy uncomfortable by asking Ed questions as research for this story (he knows way more about the endocrine system than I do, even if he says it's his weakest area as a medic).

Rather than doing my usual disturbing online stalking activities, I managed to do a bit of research. And I typed pages as I went, rather than leaving the typing for later. This helped me keep track of teh storyline and things I'd meant to hit as I progressed (sometimes the page-a-day thing losese its narrative thread and descends into pointless dialog, mostly while characters eat). I have around 8000 words, which is too much, and it's not done yet (almost!).

"Pukka". The 6000 words I have here of probably a novel would seem to be a stream-of-consciousness explanation of what goes on in my deranged mind. Part of it comes out of a crazy conversation I had while making illicit use of the office printer late one Friday afternoon. The other person was photocopying Puff the Magic Dragon sheet music. It's SF. It's a novel. It needs a lot of research.

And in knitting...

Morrigan. I have about a foot of body, with 18 rows to go to the armholes. Thanks to this: for confirming the error I thought I was seeing in the side chart.

Noro Henley. Fin. Worn three times. Best compliment? "Very professional." She meant the execution, not that it looks like office wear. Though in my office, it does just fine.

Tempting II. Excellent carry-around project. I've just attached the sleeves.

Duck booties. Made these for a pregnant coworker. The shower is next week. Very fiddly, but cute.

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