Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Nail Polish obsession

This evening I took the boy to the mall to buy season 2 of Smallville. Whilst there, I continued my search for the perfect nail polish. And I found it. Turns out the nail polish of my dreams is "Rumple's Wiggins" from OPI's Shrek ever after collection. And all the 14-year-old girls beat me to it, so it's sold out at the mall, because being 14-year-old girls they don't have jobs.

The color I wound up with (because once I'd found the color I wanted, and discovered it was not in stock, I was committed to buying something, somehow) was "Panda-monium Pink", which I think is a Kung-Fu Panda tie-in color. There's a whole world of movie tie-in nail polish that somehow I had missed out on before. And now I'm wearing it, at work. Normally I don't wear nail polish at work (just on my toes, which my coworkers rarely see), because I have enough problems being taken seriously already, what with the bad seated posture and whatnot. But now I am wearing not only light pink nail polish, but it's movie tie-in nail polish that is SO last year.

Maybe this is a message that I should be working on that story about nail polish I have a first draft of?

And also, in order to put a picture of Morrigan on Ravelry, I had to take it with my phone, upload it to facebook, copy it to my computer, then upload it to Ravelry. There has got to be a better way... except that my camera seems to have forgotten how to communicate with a computer.

Oh, and Paolo Bacigalupi's "The Windup Girl" is waiting for me at the library. Whee!

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