Thursday, September 24, 2009


So in my ongoing plan to, you know, become a published author, I thought it would be a good idea to go to a FSF convention. Every few weeks I think of this, and today I went to the locus website to check out if their Convention listings had been updated so I could find one that I could go to that wouldn't cost me a lot of money (I've kind of blown my FSF budget for the next little while, with VP and the netbook, etc.).

And in fact, there was a listing for Ad Astra 2010, April 9-11, and I clicked on the link and it's within a 20-minute bike ride of my house. And has been probably since I moved there (I didn't actually look in archives to find that out, but still).

And then I went poking around in the "other guests" section, and there was the name David Nickle, apparently a horror writer. And I thought to myself, hey, is that the guy who writes articles and opinion pieces about city hall in the Toronto Community News, with such a wry sense of humor? He's the only thing I like about that paper! Well, other than the sudoku and the crossword and the community news. Anyway, his columns are a highlight, and I look for them specifically.

Yes, it is the same person.

And then I went to Whatever, and apparently in 2010 John Scalzi will be there, too. Freaky.

Though his name does not come up with interesting acronyms at all. Must be the z.


David Nickle said...

Hey, thank you for that incredibly kind shout-out, Robyn. It's nice to know that my columns do more than just make people very angry. And yes, you should definitely come to Ad Astra. It's a good place to meet other writers/readers - and it's also a good excuse to ride your bike in April.

Robyn said...

As if I need an excuse. I printed out a calendar for 2010, just so I could put Ad Astra on it.