Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Finally after probably a year of saying I was going to, I joined the Online Writers Workshop. I've got two goals here.

1. I've read on a whole bunch of different blogs that writing crits is what really improved people's ability to review their own work.

2. I need to learn to receive feedback. I can sense myself doing that thing that I do, so I won't be too thin-skinned about stuff. I've been not looking at the stuff that I sent to VP (which is really hard, actually) and just trying to make the rest of the work more closely resemble the synopsis I wrote.

The boy made us see the latest Harry Potter movie last night. It really brought home for me how much book 6 was only really there to set things up for book 7.

On Sunday, we went to the local McNally Robinson. I went around looking for books by my future instructors. They had five different Scalzi books, and three Bear books. In fact, on the YA Feature wall (the theme was summer reads for older teens, maybe even boys (!) I believe), there was a stack of "Zoe's Tale", which I thought was nice. If they hadn't been trying to close shop around us, I might have bought something.

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