Friday, January 02, 2009

Keep your plans secret for now

Several years ago, I received what was perhaps the worst piece of fortune cookie advice ever, "keep your plans secret for now." The problems stemming from this advice are myriad.
  • When does "now" end?
  • Which plans?
  • Secret from whom?

Okay, maybe not myriad, but three. Somehow I chose to keep all my plans secret from everyone forever. Which makes it kind of hard to act on them, you know? It's easy to not move forward, not even make plans, if I'm keeping them to myself. There's no commit there, no failure to live up to promise. It's too easy.

So now, for the whole world, I say this:

  • I have a novel (okay, I have about seven, and they're all in rough draft). I plan to edit it, and get it published.
  • Mmmm, black belt. Me want. A little scared of how it might change me, but we'll work through that.

There, not secrets any more. That felt good.

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