Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Yesterday evening I again looked at my draft of toothbrush. Third day in a row!

Target: "readable" draft by 15 August (2008).

Tasks remaining:
  • Finish second pass

  • Stop moving sections around

  • Read the whole thing before inflicting it on others (probably includes a line edit)

Um, good luck with that?

Every day I write a page in my current first draft (I always have one. Sometimes it's a short story, or a screenplay. Currently it is a novel). Yesterday morning I was writing along, and one of my characters said something that ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED me. She made a wild accusation at one of the other characters, and I said to myself, "OMG (actually I swore, but you know what I mean), how did she know that?" And then I realized, she's absolutely right. I've got 300 pages written here in long, dreadful, poorly developed prose (a first draft is just a shell to fill in with a story later on, right?) and this character was, well, that way the whole time, and I had no idea. Amazing.

Maybe I can finish this thing now, so I can start something else.


Your EG Tour Guide said...

Hellooooooooo. I'm listening. ;-)

So you now have a character saying things you didn't plan for her to say? Good! I think your subconscious is helping you write the story. Ha! Let her blab. You can edit her later.


Robyn said...

Well, it wasn't just that she said something unexpected. It was that she completely in one sentence redefined that character, and informed me of something about that character that I had not known before, which should have been clear right from the beginning of the story. I was shocked at everyone. Everyone!