Friday, March 07, 2008

Saturday Night Rewrites -- update

I am in arrears three weeks, or six hours. But last weekend, I had a brilliant idea that I could, if I wasn't inspired enough to edit something, type something up for two hours instead. That was great. And typing always leads to editing, and correcting, and fact-checking. So I have half a short story typed, with [comments] all over it.

And then, because I wasn't obsessing about how I had to come up with a brilliant editing idea to kill two hours with Toothbrush, while I was walking home yesterday I thought of what I can do to make it work better. I'm going to take out the talent show! (This WILL work. Everything that's important in the talent show, I can put in something else. And at 70,000 words, I think it's getting too long now anyway, so I NEED to take something significant out. And it will be fun, at least to start, and take many hours.)

So now, the question is, do I continue typing up the short story I started last weekend, or do I go back to Toothbrush and do the rewrites? Ah the horror of having too many choices! I suppose I could do both, and get caught up on those six hours.

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