Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon

One of the women in my band had mentioned she read some of this series, and they are full of sex but a good read nevertheless. I had a feeling the sex made her embarrassed. But then, I suppose she probably reads things that are generally a bit less racy, as she teaches Grade 4.

My mother also mentioned she was in some trading thing where the books were being passed around, and I thought to myself, "Hey, I have the first two of those!" She offered to let me in on the trading thing, but I figure if I never read the first two, which had been on my shelf for years, then maybe that was a bad idea. however, I threw it into my bag when we went camping as a 'backup book', and found that I could read about a hundred pages per day.

I don't read many bodice-rippers, but this one definitely has some of that. It's the romance novel version of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, except set in the Scottish Highlands. I find when I sit down with it, I have no trouble getting through 80-100 pages.

When I was around page 400 or so, Ed picked this up and started reading. I hate it when people do that; it ruins the story for me, because one of the great things about reading is that you can do it any time. And if someone else has the book, then I can't read it any time. There is, for me, a great deal of security in having a paperback that I've started that I can carry around.

So I picked it up occasionally through late July and early August, but I read a couple of other books in the ensuing period. And then I went on vacation again, and I finished the book while I was at the "family" cottage in Maine (not really family, as it belongs to my sister through my dad but whatever). So I would say it was good vacation reading. I left it there, since my dad's ex-girlfriend came up last fall and pretty much cleaned out the mostly mystery paperback collection that was there (our theory was that she was going to sell them for a quarter each in order to finance another month of her retirement).

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