Tuesday, July 24, 2007

HP7 wonder who wrote that

Ed confiscated all my other reading material, so I had to read the first 200 pages of HP7 last night. He was upset about the cavalier death of Hedwig. He felt Rowling had never liked the owl, and never developed the character properly. What did Hedwig want? He kept asking me over dinner. What were Hedwig's needs and desires? What did Hedwig do when she went out flying at night? Did she have friends? Who mourns Hedwig?

I told him the editors probably made Rowling kill Hedwig because it just wasn't PC to keep sticking her in Hermione's magic bag. It's not like she can turn to the reader and say "Do not burn down a house. Do not light cats on fire. Do not put your pets in a magic bag, or any other bag for that matter, not knowing when it's going to be safe to take them out again." That's not the tone she's cultivated for the last six books, and I don't think her readers will tolerate it now.

I didn't come up with the burning down a house, or the lighting cats on fire. That was a quote from one of the confiscated books.

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