Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My favourite spam

I have often considered turning this Spam into a poem.

Title: Deserves to be true

We proudly propose a new suggestion you just wouldn’t never decline. It is an incredible chance to earnmoney without the risk of wasting them. Surely, it is a stable bargain without doubt.

We have got thoroughly verified message about the new boom on the market next day . We suppose outstanding news to be consigned to publicity on Friday, and they will burst (W_B_R_S) entirely up!! The cause is that (W.B.R.S) is rapidly rising up but you can still take a position to dig in & benefit from it. The price will pick you up to the heaven, get in now while its low and check out what the does wealth look like. You should remember such an opportunity usually doesn’t last long.

Forget about your old failures (if they ever been); show what you can do now! Once you decide to put in your savings, you’ll realize that making greenbucks with (W.B.R.S) is such a nice and easy job without need to feel worry about it.

But I haven't had the time. Maybe later.

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