Friday, November 17, 2006


"Your depression, my friend, is the revenge of the oranges." -- Margaret Atwood

I tried on my poncho while crocheting it together...

Nautilus poncho Posted by Picasa

And decided it wasn't worth it to finish making up. Obviously it's not working out. I have since ripped the entire thing out and started again.

Oh, and I did what I should have done when I first noticed a problem--I went online looking for errata. There were some, of course. The length of the final knitted strip should be 128", not 51". I think the 51 refers to after all the short rows are done. I was pretty close this time (not shown... no point, a long thin strip of knitting looks the same as any other.) I also ordered a larger crochet hook, thinking that might help. And you can't just order a crochet hook, you know? So I ordered yarn for another poncho too.

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