Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A year and a day

It was a year ago yesterday that I started Manhattan. Now it sits on my drafting table with several hundred ends to be dealt with, and I can't seem to make myself work on it. Perhaps I need to cut myself a deal:

When I finish Manhattan and four other things:
+ Capelet #6 from VK Fall 2005
+ Matching Mittens (as yet unstarted)
+ Matching hat (also unstarted)
+ Jade
+ Matching hat (unstarted)
+ Matching gloves (unstarted)

...then I can buy HF Mermaid.

All right, that was six other things. I'm accepting of the fact that I need to buy som aran yarn in the meantime.

Sounds like a deal, though. Deal-making is what, the third stage of dealing with... well, death technically, but perhaps I'm a specially morbid person because I can apply the same system to choosing where to eat lunch.

Denial, Anger, Deal-making, Depression, Acceptance.

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