Wednesday, August 03, 2005

"Moor's story

This is Moor.

Moor is from "Yorkshire Fable". You might not recognize it.

I seem to have deviated a bit Posted by Picasa from the pattern. You can see the original here:
It clearly has no skulls or scorpions but whatever.

I knit this sweater in the round, as not specified in the pattern instructions.
And then I did "fair isle short row shoulders in the round" as taught on Janine's blog at

Try it, it works.

The instructions are written for working the shoulder seam with an i-cord bind-off, but I've never done that, and Moor called for a knitted-off shoulder and why would I want to do that, since I had deviated from the pattern so much?

From the outside:

A look at the shoulder. To me it's acceptable, but my standards may be low. Posted by Picasa

This is the same seam from the inside. Posted by Picasa

I three-needle binded (bound?) off the shoulder seams, which involved a lot of yelling at my family to be quiet (why is it that I always need to bind the shoulders together at 1 pm on Saturday, when I have had too much coffee and not enough food, and there are always 11-year-olds who need to practice their quiet inside voices while I'm doing it?)

And then I finished this:

And this is my fakey-fakey Delphine Wilson knock-off, which I call Admonition. It looks fabulous on the mannequin, but those shoulders were hell, I must say. Posted by Picasa

Now, if only I could finish Manhattan. Or, as I now call it, due to the americana colorway, Syracuse.

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