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What I read: October 2022

LHC #188: "How to Future" by Scott Smith with Madeline Ashby.  Hard copy. Maybe I wasn't the right audience for this; I found it maddeningly vague. Read too much like a business book. I might have too many strong opinions to be a good futurist.  LHC #189: "Bright Eyed" by RM Vaughan. eBook. Easy read. I totally enjoyed this.  LHC #190: "The future of another timeline" by Analee Newitz. Audio book, and rightly so, because there was a song! It took about 90 minutes to have a sympathetic male character. The characters will stick with me though, it was very good.  LHC #191: "From cradle to stage" by Virginia Hanlon Grohl (Dave Grohl's mother). eBook. She's a delightful writer. I loved this book. I loved the stories about moms of adults who aren't done with their lives, the treatment of the music industry not as a soap opera, but as people who are passionate about music, not about being famous. 
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In progress: October 2022

  Wind/Water/Salt Chapters 39-51:  Still n eed to take up comments and revise.  Persephone  (probably not its real name): Finished rewriting the the scenes near the ending. Much better now. Now I just need to write most of the Lindsay storyline. The boy asked to read it when it's done, and I said it might never be, which might have been too honest. I think I can finish it.  Short Stories:  I had to put something on OWW, so I forced myself to finish reading this and taking out the really obvious problems. This took about 10 hours longer than I expected.  Critted  9  Got back  4  I need to keep putting things up for review! I had to reorganize my time a little bit to work on my own stuff and not just other people's. Which was a net good.  Submissions  0  Out there  1  Rejects  0 Knitting I Yam pullover  (self). Done. It came out awesome. See the picture above.  Striped long-sleeved t-shirt  (self).  Since I Yam is done, I worked on the first sleeve. When this is done, I have some

What I read: September 2022

 LHC #184: "Amberlough" by Lara Elena Donnelly read by Mary Robinette Kowal. Audiobook, listened to it mostly in my car driving to and from Ottawa. There was more gay sex than I expected, but it was fine because it was all totally integrated in the plot, characters interrogating each other during, etc.  LHC #185: "Subprime Attention Crisis" by Tim Hwang. ebook. This was more history than future than I wanted, but I guess predicting is risky.  LHC #186: "Jade War" by Fonda Lee. Read book 1 almost 2 years ago. When I get the hold list down to a reasonable number*, I think I will start reading series closer together, it's more enjoyable. Anyway, I talked this one enough that the boy will probably start the series, and I've already added book 3 to my list. LHC #187: "A Necessary Evil" by Abir Mukherjee. eBook. I said to someone I was critting recently that I don't read much in the way of mysteries, and apparently that was a lie. I read

In progress: September 2022

Wind/Water/Salt Chapters 39-51:  Still n eed to take up comments and revise.  Persephone  (probably not its real name): Kept writing on towards the ending. I was explaining to Ed why Jade City was so great and realized I needed to kill more characters, and actually that was what was wrong with my ending sequence, so I got a bit more ruthless.  Short Stories:  Needing something to post to OWW, I worked on one, stripping out some bad choices I think. Hope. I'm on the last pass before I call it done.  Critted  7  Got back  0 I caught up with everyone I've been critting lately, or they slowed down, one or the other. Oh, and one disappeared entirely. I hate when that happens.  And it's probably not a good thing that I've got more time slotted for working on other people's stuff than my own.   Submissions  0  Out there  1  Rejects  0 Knitting Striped long-sleeved t-shirt  (self).  Still on the first sleeve. I haven't really worked on it since I started I Yam, I'd

What I read: August 2022

 LHC #180: "The Red Wolf Conspiracy" by Robert V.S. Redick.  Hard copy; the library doesn't even had this in digital. The first 50 pages were really confusing, but fortunately I don't usually give up until around p. 60, by which things were going great. But it never completely gelled for me, it felt sort of like reading someone's D&D campaign.  LHC #181:  "And then they came for me (Rosewater)" Maziar Bahari.  After reading a few of these "trapped in an Iranian prison for dubious reasons" books I kind of get the idea: Iranian interrogators are idiots with no real goal of getting information. Unfortunately, my fictional character who spends time in an Iranian prison does not really get interrogated that much, he's a different kind of prisoner.  LHC #182: "Burning down the house: essays on fiction" by Charles Baxter. eBook. Seemed kind of mean-spirited at times, but I did get some ideas for my current problem, which is endings.

In progress: August 2022

  Wind/Water/Salt Chapters 39-51:  Still n eed to take up comments and revise.  Persephone  (probably not its real name): Kept writing on towards the ending.  Short Stories:  Needing something to post to OWW, I worked on one, stripping out some bad choices I think. Hope.  Critted  12  Got back  1  Submissions  0  Out there  1  Rejects  0 Knitting Striped long-sleeved t-shirt  (self).  Started the month with four inches of the first sleeve. I did another few. This thing is dull.  Tay Tartan cardigan  (Martin Storey). Started the month with 9 inches of the first sleeve. This sleeve is now done and attached to the body, and I've started the next sleeve.  Extra Whip socks  (Coffeehouse knits). Finished the sixth sock, started the seventh. I Yam pullover  (self). Back was already done; I'd just started a sleeve when this month started. That sleeve is done and I've started the front.  Last month I said I cut out a jumper to go with that t-shirt.  That was a lie. But now I have cu

What I read: July 2022

"Lent" by Jo Walton. I love her so much. An interesting thing to read right after The Dragon Waiting that's for sure. I knew even less about Savonarola than Richard III but that didn't matter.  LHC #175: "On Translation: Translators on their work and what it means" edited by Esther Allen. Even the essays I really didn't care about, like the one about translating songs from old French, were fascinating. Somehow it hadn't occurred to me that French would have zany old spellings the way English does.  LHC #176: "Wanderers" by Chuck Wendig. I was intimidated by the fatness of this, but it was a very quick read (for something so fat). I guess long doesn't equal difficult? I did find the lack of past perfect tense sort of annoying sometimes. It meant I had to pick through manually and decide what order things happened. also an unnatural number of characters with red hair for no reason. And America seems to be populated only by white supremac